What is iMetaDex™?

11What is iMetaDex™?

iMetaDex™ is the Key to a Successful Online Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is significant for individuals with an online business. Different strategies must be developed to help grow your business. And with the rise of the countless online businesses in the world today, the need for SEO is immense!
What is iMetaDex™?
iMetaDex™ is a patent-pending tool developed by MetaSense Marketing with the purpose of skyrocketing our clients’ online presence. iMetaDex™ is an SEO tool that was specifically designed for the web optimization of sites and has multiple components. iMetaDex™ is a blend of coding and creative content which makes it a powerful tool.
There are three diverse SEO channels which are iMetaDex™ coding, creative content, and backlinks. These three ingredients create the powerful tool known as the iMetaDex™. This tool was based off Google’s indexing system.

Creative Content

The web optimization process starts with MetaSense Marketing creating a new article, web page, or blog which will highlight your business, services and products. We develop creative and attention-grabbing ways to make the content of your article, blog or web page interesting and searchable. We can show the message you are trying to convey to your customers but stronger.
iMetaDex™ Coding
The next step to the web optimization process is, the iMetaDex™ coding. The purpose of iMetaDex™ coding is to speed up the process of search engines having your site indexed. Also, it displays your listing at a higher ranking in the search results. iMetaDex™ is a markup language. The markup language is combined into your site. Either the J-SON or the HTML markup will be merged with the site effortlessly. After merging the website and the code, a third-party organization then analyzes the combination.
Finally, the last part of the web optimization process is backlinks. Backlinks are effective when building up a website’s popularity. Adding backlinks to a site is an effective strategy to increase the amount of search traffic on a website. The more the site becomes popular the more the information about the business will be trusted.

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