Maximizing the Power of SEO – Introducing imetaDex Coding™

11Maximizing the Power of SEO – Introducing imetaDex Coding™

At MetaSense Marketing you will likely hear us bring up the iMetaDex or our patent-pending iMetaDex Coding™ process. But what is this iMetaDex?

iMetaDex™ is a process of coding we devised to help maximize website optimization. It’s based on a system of indexing Google is using that includes all other major search engines and; and it is something many of the SEO companies around the world know about but for years have largely ignored.


At its most basic, it’s coding added to a website that helps search engines index your site faster, and display listings more effectively in their results. Here at MetaSense Marketing we often liken it to the Card Catalog of a library but for the internet instead. iMetaDex™ can help put you in the front of that Catalog.

To go a little bit deeper, it’s either J-SON or HTML markup that we can easily integrate into your website. It’s vetted by a third-party organization that all major search engines comply with. It’s a style of database that follows rules and structure so that search engines can scan your website quickly and effectively. And it’s something Google has been actively working on bringing to the forefront of the technical side of SEO since at least 2009 when meta tag keywords were removed from affecting search ranking.


Why would you want this for your website? That’s easy. It can help get you found, lead to a 400% increase in conversions and lower your Pay-Per-Click costs by up to 700%! Every little bit helps when optimizing a website and just by virtue of utilizing this code, you immediately improve your website’s optimization. You get indexed quicker and easier by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and quite a few more.

Going beyond that, you also have more control over your search results. By using this amazing tool, you are shaping the information your listings display and giving the search engines specific instructions as to what your content is and how it should be indexed.


The last reports we saw on the backbone of what MetaSense Marketing used to develop this proprietary process and create the iMetaDex, demonstrated that around only 15% of the websites out there have used the markup recognized by The ones that are using this markup, are primarily using it for specific content such as recipes or movie reviews.

There are a lot of WordPress plugins created for that. But they’re very limited in how to effectively alter the coding. And most of the work is all on the back end. So, it’s difficult to show a client improvement beyond just a test that demonstrates there are no errors.

MetaSense Marketing took the basics of what was presented and created something brand new to help every business. The coding is manual, and a lot of developers and designers don’t want to spend time digging into the lines of code for something that is essentially an indexing tool for Google.

There are a lot of WordPress plugins created for that. But they’re very limited in how to effectively alter the coding. And most of the work is all on the back end. So, it’s difficult to show a client improvement beyond just a test that demonstrates there are no errors.

But now, MetaSense Marketing has “cracked the code” by figuring out how to use it specifically for businesses. We’re not focused on recipes or movie reviews – though we do know how to code that content just as easily as any WordPress plugin you will find. No. What MetaSense Marketing has done was create an entire process for how to use this code specifically to enhance a business, it’s website and the way all its relevant content is indexed.

That’s the iMetaDex Coding™ Process! Our specific approach and code tags that are designed solely to help your business get indexed faster, better and under your control.

This all makes it easy for our developers to get into the coding. We already have a roadmap – a set of guidelines on what to code, where to code it and how to make sure it works. A mere 15% of the internet has learned how to harness this massive structure of code. But a full 100% of MetaSense Marketing clients receive the benefits of our proven and successful system to take that code and use it right.


Of course, the iMetaDex™ only affects a part of the overall path of SEO. It is our proprietary system and it gives us an edge over the rest of the world. But it’s still just one small piece of the SEO puzzle.

Or is it?
The reason MetaSense Marketing devoted so much time to taking this indexing process and shaping it for businesses stretches far beyond the immediate benefits of re-coding a page to have this markup.

We saw the bigger picture and realized it’s a core foundation for building long-lasting and powerful optimization. We combine the iMetaDex™ with our Content Creation services. And when we mix those two elements together, the advantages resonate exponentially.

You see, for MetaSense Marketing, Digital Marketing is a full journey from start to finish. We create powerful and relevant content, we make sure that content is optimized, we push that content out to the internet at large, and we offer services that obtain authoritative links back to your content.


Every step of what we do is designed to take full advantage of Google’s guidelines on how to get found!

• We start with the creative process, where we devise a new article, blog or web page specifically based on your business and what it does.
• We take a journalist’s approach, making sure your new content is compelling and newsworthy to your audience, and then we assure it is optimized to your message.
• Then we add the iMetaDex Coding ™ giving that strong and creative content a competitive technical advantage.
• You get found faster and more effectively with our process. And you have far more control over how you are found. So, the tech side perfectly aligns with the content.
• Then when we push that content outward to the internet and social media. This assures your organic search is improved by the coding we’ve developed.
• And finally, when you get authoritative back links to your content, the whole campaign ends up stronger.

On an individual scale, iMetaDex Coding™ may only move the needle a few percentage points. But when you add it into our entire Optimization Journey, those percentage points get bigger and bigger every step of the way.

That’s how MetaSense Marketing helps you make sense of Digital Marketing. We combine creative content with technical innovation. We took one small piece of the puzzle that Google itself revealed to website developers years ago and found a new and innovative way to use it in your online marketing efforts.

MetaSense Marketing looks at your company and current marketing efforts and we know how to optimize it all.
Is there a marketing area that may need some attention?
We really do look for ways to provide the help our clients need in order to reach their goals and to succeed. MetaSense Marketing can help in all the areas listed above.And a consultation to begin the conversation costs nothing.
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