MetaSense Marketing Patents Revolutionary Digital Marketing Tool iMetaDex™

11MetaSense Marketing Patents Revolutionary Digital Marketing Tool iMetaDex™

MetaSense Marketing is dedicated to improving Digital Marketing results for our clients. We do not and have never waited for others to come up with solutions. We listen to our client’s problems, analyze their challenges and approach them with a creative eye. MetaSense Marketing’s talented team turns to innovation and invention to help our clients succeed.

The problem: Businesses were not being found online.


iMetaDex™ is the Key to a Successful Online Business

What is iMetaDex™?

iMetaDex™ is a patented tool created and developed by MetaSense Marketing with the purpose of skyrocketing our clients’ online presence.

iMetaDex™ is an SEO tool that was specifically designed for the web optimization of our clients’ sites.

iMetaDex™ is a blend of coding, creative content, and backlinks, making it a powerful tool that has helped our clients’ websites move towards the top, getting them found.

iMetaDex™ can lower your PPC costs by up to 500%.

Three SEO Channels

There are three diverse SEO channels that make iMetaDex™ a powerful tool that will make your business stand out: Coding, Creative Content, and Backlinks. These three ingredients create the one-of-a-kind, invaluable tool known as the iMetaDex™.

iMetaDex™ Coding

The next step to our clients’ success in the web optimization process is, iMetaDex™ coding. The purpose of iMetaDex™ coding is to speed up the process of search engines having your website indexed. Also, it displays your listing at a higher ranking in the search results. On the technical side, iMetaDex™ is a markup language which is integrated into your site. Either the J-SON or the HTML markup will be merged with the site effortlessly. After merging the website and the code, a third-party organization then analyzes the combination. Plainly put, iMetaDex™ coding gets you found quickly.

Creative Content

Content has always been extremely important in getting your website found. However, with iMetaDex™ your content becomes an amazing tool that will drive customers to your website. The web optimization process starts with MetaSense Marketing creating content-rich articles, web pages, and/or blog which will highlight your business, services, and products. Along with embedding highly-searched keywords into the content, we develop creative and attention-grabbing ways to make the content of your article, blog and/or web page interesting and searchable. So now, with iMetaDex™ your content is driving customers to your site.


Finally, the last part of the web optimization process is backlinks. Backlinks connect your site to other information on related subjects and in turn they connect to you. This will result in building up your website’s popularity. You will be a trusted source of information. Adding backlinks to a site is an effective strategy to increase the amount of search traffic on your website. The more the site becomes popular it will begin to be regarded as a source of trusted information. Trust is extremely important when building a strong customer base and a highly-ranked website.

iMetaDex™ changes the world of standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO.) Online competition is at its highest level ever. Your company needs an edge in the SEO world.


MetaSense Marketing looks at your company and current marketing efforts and we know how to optimize it all with innovation and invention. We understand and know how to implement the latest trends into your website and marketing campaigns. And if a tool does not exist, we invent it in an effort to make our clients successful.


Reach out and talk with us. See how we can help you with these and your entire Digital Marketing process.
But whatever you do, get started today.

Hesitation and procrastination will hold you back.
Let MetaSense Marketing help you develop your Digital Marketing Strategy today.

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MetaSense Marketing stands above the crowd with SEO with their patented process iMetaDex™. They are the only Digital Marketing company that can use this revolutionary tool to maximize your placement in searches and lower your PPC costs by up to 500%.

MetaSense Marketing looks at your company and current marketing efforts and we know how to optimize it all.
Is there a marketing area that may need some attention?

We look for ways to provide the help our clients need in order to reach their goals and to succeed. MetaSense Marketing can help in all the areas listed above.
And a consultation to begin the conversation costs nothing.

Questions? MetaSense Marketing is here for that very that very purpose….

To answer your questions and make you successful.

At MetaSense Marketing, we help our customers build effective Digital Marketing Campaigns that drive customers to them.

Designing, Building, and Implementing Award-Winning Digital Marketing Strategies.

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